21 Day Fast Mass Building Review

by admin on March 26, 2013

My Complete 21 Day Fast Mass Building Review

Gain 20 pounds of pure muscle in 21 days?  Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward must be having a laugh…  Or are they?

Three weeks to pile on slabs of lean hard muscle?  Well that’s what these guys are claiming with their new 21 Day Fast Mass Building Program.  So how on earth are they intending that to happen then – and what kind of damaging substances are they suggesting to order to do so?

But before you run away with the thought that it’s simply not possible without resorting to desperate tactics, let’s cut the guys some slack and take an in-depth look at what they’re proposing.

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What do you get for your money?

Okay, so the buzz word (or words) for the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program is ‘The 21 day fast mass 21 Day Fast Mass Building ReviewAnabolic Amplifier Effect.’  Hmmm, let’s take a closer look at what that actually means, because it sure sounds a little dodgy, don’t you think?

Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds, and is also known as the rebound effect.  Now, if you’re into your bodybuilding in a big way, then you’ll probably be familiar with this.  Basically it works on the proven theory of a short window after a period of hard workouts and strict dieting (such as a serious cutting up and getting ripped period) where your body’s natural anabolic hormones reprime.

  • Once you begin to eat normally (or more than normal, which is pretty often if you’ve had 12 weeks or so of competition training), then your body literally absorbs all the calories and nutrients into the muscle cells and you experience phenomenal growth.
  • By manipulating these natural body stimulants it’s possible to force your body to do just that – and put on almost obscene amounts of lean, hard muscle.
  • A one week ‘Primer Phase,’ followed by a two week ‘Overload Phase,’ really can see you get the muscle building results that so far have been an impossible goal.
  • But the two week overload phase is short.  Two weeks long – just in case the name didn’t give it away!  After that, you’ll plateau and store excess calories as fat, not muscle.  Hence the three week, or 21 day program – it’s as simple as that.

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The program consists of the following:

  • Part 1 – The 21-Day Fast Mass Building Training Manual.  This is an instant download explaining everything you need to know about every part of the program.  Easy to read and understand (no degree in rocket science needed), it covers training, supplements, recover, individualization, modifications and lifestyle.
  • Part 2 – The 21-Day Fast Mass Building Nutrition Guide.  One of the most vital parts of the program.  Your dietary needs in explicit detail – covering what foods to eat, how much and how often you should eat. 
  • Part 3 – The Bodyweight 500 Fat-Cutting Workout DVD.  This is included specifically to target the one-week primer phase, so ensuring maximum fat loss at this point.
  • Part 4 – The 21-Day Fitness Model Physique 4-Hour Workout DVD.  Designed to give you the motivation and workout value to get you headed towards that shredded, Hollywood sex symbol physique you so desperately crave.
  • Part 5 – The 21-Day Muscle Model Physique 4-Hour Workout DVD.  4 hours of simply the best workout footage that’s necessary to get to the next level in body conditioning.
  • Part 6 – The 21-Day Hardcore Bodybuilder Physique 4-Hour Workout DVD.  A killer DVD that gives you the information and motivation to move your physique into realms that you’ve only ever imagined is possible.
  • Part 7 – The Printable Workout Sheets and Training Log.
  • Part 8 – Flip on the Anabolic Switch Supplement Rituals.  Containing all the body building ‘secrets’ to learn exactly what supplements to use and when, in order to max out on your natural internal muscle growth controls.
  • Part 9 – The Test Groups Secrets Audio Interrogation.  The complete program has been tested out on a group of 350 users, and been three years in prototype.  Here you can gain even more knowledge from the inside user secrets revealed.
  • Part 10 – Pre-Program Quick Start Check List.
  • Part 11 – The Exercise Description Guide

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Who is it for?

Well, 21 Day Fast Mass Building is unashamedly aimed at guys who want to be bigger and better than the rest.  It’s not a program for Mr. Average, nor for anyone who can’t move drag themselves away from the outdated belief that gaining fat is necessary to build muscle.  But if you genuinely want to manipulate your body’s natural cycles, and are prepared to put the hard work in, then it really is possible to achieve almost miraculous results.

Who are Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward?

These guys are, how shall we put it, pretty big in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.  Vince  Delmonte is probably most famous for his long distance running days when he was known as ‘Skinny Vinny’ – a name that’s stuck with the poor guy for life!  His eureka moment came when he finally figured out that rather than training harder, he needed to train smarter.  Six months later saw him winning the Canadian Fitness Model Championships, and the rest – as they say – is history!

Lee Hayward has been hooked on bodybuilding since he was 12 years old.  In 1999 he embraced the world of technology and set up his own training and nutrition website.  Since then Lee’s site has become one of the most popular on the web, helping thousands of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

The Pros

  • 21 Day Fast Mass Building is scientifically proven to work.  By manipulating the body’s natural rebound effect, you can take advantage of real and sustained lean muscle mass growth not only for the duration of the program, but for good!
  • If you’re the kind of person who craves results, and craves them fast, then this is certainly going to appeal to you.
  • There’s no shortage of product for your dollars.  Plus the instant download means there’s no hanging around waiting for the mailman to deliver when all you want to do is get started.
  • Not only do you get instructions on how to carry out the program, but the DVDs give you real inspiration as to what you’re aiming for – leaving you desperate to get down the gym and get working out.
  • It comes with an incredible 60 day money back guarantee – meaning you can run through this program at least twice with no risk whatsoever.  If you’re not happy, the guys will refund your money – no questions asked.

The Cons

  • If you’re expecting 21-Day Fast Mass Building to be a walk in the park, then you’re wrong.  The program requires real and sustained effort – both at your workouts and your nutritional intake.
  • Be prepared for people to think you’re using some kind of drug induced bulking – because this really can give almost miraculous results. 

The Bottom Line

It works – pure and simple.  As long as you’re prepared to put in the effort and not deviate from the strict guidelines, then what these guys have come up with is possibly one of the most innovative programs ever to come onto the market.

And with the peace of mind of a 60 day money back guarantee, it shows how confident Vince and Lee are in their product.  To sum the program up in a single word – awesome!

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